A truly memorable and inspiring Thankgiving in Les Cayes, Haiti

Joyful and blessed are two words that adequately describe Thanksgiving in Les Cayes, Haiti.  With the help from tCHF IT Students, Pastor Rivenson; tCHF Coordinator in Haiti and his family, Michael Brown; IT Program assistant teacher and IT coordinator and staff at American University Caribbean Guest House we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving American-Haitian style on Friday November 26, 2010.

Before eating the guests were given a quick history about Thanksgiving and it was explained that a Thanksgiving tradition is for those around the table to say what they are thankful for. Many responses included good health, God, His protection, family, friends and tCHF. How wonderful it was to hear such positive responses from a country known for its affliction.  It goes to show that true happiness and blessings come from the inside.

All of the guests were able to try Thanksgiving classics like turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. One student even made a yam casserole. The entire Thanksgiving dinner consisted of a lot of laughter and a lot of “mmmhmmm’s.” Everyone commented on how much they loved all the food; this was evident by the completely empty serving platters at the end.  Even though the food was delicious, it was not the best part, it was; coming together to celebrate as a community.

This first tCHF Thanksgiving dinner taught us not only what Thanksgiving should be about, but also that we should be thankful on a daily basis. It also introduced an American cultural holiday to our Haitian friends; in doing so it showed how two cultures can work together and enjoy each other’s company; most importantly, the blessings and happiness that result from working together in God’s community.

Overall, tCHF Thanksgiving in Haiti 2010 was a huge success and everyone cannot wait for next year!

Posted by: Emily Pifer, tCHF EFL Teacher.

2 thoughts on “A truly memorable and inspiring Thankgiving in Les Cayes, Haiti

  1. Praise God for another great report! Emulating the Thanksgiving Day tradition is such an excellent idea! I pray that it will get better and better each year…..

    Congratulations to all participants for a successful event!



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