Honor your Mom this Christmas; Education changes everything!

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Parents of the children supported

Did you know that:

  • Women do 67% of the world’s work.
  • Women produce 50% of the world’s food.
  • Women earn 10% of the world’s income.
  • Women own 1% of the world’s property.

Give to tCHF and help us provide for moms and children in Haiti.  By influencing the lives of each child, providing for their needs to become educated and productive adults; we are also in essence partnering and helping the moms.  This Christmas give to a family!

What’s On Your Shopping List?

group pictureWhat’s on your shopping list this Christmas season?  perhaps toys and video games, a new tablet or smartphone?

For impoverished children in Haiti, Christmas isn’t about getting the latest high-tech gadget, instead, their parents long to receive help that will improve their quality of life.   This year through tCHF’s Christmas fund; you can give hope in several ways;

  • $20.00 / month will help send a child to school,
  • help us provide a hot meal once a day during the Academic year,
  • assist with toys for our Kindergarten class. If you go to the toy store please pick up an additional truck for one of our kids and we will make sure it gets to the school before Christmas (Currently Their toy trucks have no wheels, they long for a real soccer ball instead of kicking plastic water bottles or anything that can be mimic a ball),  
  • You can also help with our new digital literacy program by donating funds for maintaining the new lab and computer equipment,
  • how about helping us get a used school bus (or new) to get our kids from home to school and back.  (Currently some journey long distances many miles, 1/2 hour walk is common and some go longer — and these are little children.  If you have any ideas or can help with thin project let us know)

We thank you for your partnership as we continue our efforts together this holiday season.  We are always available to speak with volunteers and supporters; contact us or drop us a note soon.

Be a Champion!

thank you very much….

The Digital Literacy Lab is operational!

cropped-img_3908.jpgThe Digital Literacy Program is now live in Haiti.  We are excited about the new opportunities for the children at the school, their parents and the whole community.  We have a new solar powered system, new computers and many children who are eager to learn — these children are the future of Haiti – we have a vision of a self-sustaining country!

Join us, let your company, family and friends know about our programs.  You can write to us at info@childrenheritage.com and also donate via our website.    May God richly bless you for your support.

teach, create an environment of hope for the children of Haiti.


Your change can make a difference…

We posted the following last January.  This message is still valid or especially now as we near the end of year.  Remember your donations can help retain a child in school in 2015.  Looking forward to your partnership.

 Your coins will change a life. Collect them and send a child to school.

Your change can/will make a difference.  Just found some in my drawers, pockets, car and other places… let’s collect these and send a child to school this year.  If you’re like me; you may have a few of these coins collecting dust somewhere close by.  Put them to work — Thanks for your partnership!